Towards more sustainability

We offer a full range of solutions to support pulp, paper and board manufacturers towards more sustainability, like water based barrier coating for fibre-based packaging or deposit control solutions to improve machine runnability with recycled fiber.

Mineral solutions for all paper and board to reduce environmental impact

We offer a unique set of high-quality, environmentally friendly solutions that optimise the pulp, paper and board manufacturing process. Our filler pigments improve runnability, allowing for reduced energy consumption. Pulp bleaching with EcoBright™ reduces the COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), leading to a cleaner water circuit with fewer effluents.  

Formulated coating solutions as well as our platy clay platform offer superior barrier coatings required for fibre-based, recyclable packaging to replace nonrenewable options.

Recyclable barrier coatings

The problem: Most fiber-based foodservice articles use PE laminates or wax-based coatings as barrier against grease and moisture, which makes the paper or paper board more difficult, if not impossible to recycle.

The solution: Imerys Barrikote™ water-based barrier formulation for recyclable packaging applications including hot and cold cups.

Barrikote water-based formulations create a recyclable barrier for paperboard, the new green alternative solution to PE-lined paper cups, straws and cup liners.

Barrikote is 70% thinner than traditional PE barrier films, making the board easier to degrade and recycle. Despite lower thickness, Barrikote formulations provide equivalent water and moisture barrier performance.

Our formulations are designed to be applied directly onto paper machines with on or off machine coating technology. 

Barrikote formulations are repulpable through ordinary recycling infrastructure.