Civil underground works

Ensuring safety and stability for civil underground works through superior materials.
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Assuring safety and stability underground

Underground construction is considered to be one of the oldest forms of building, evolving from cave dwellings, simple tunnels and other subterranea to the monolithic underground infrastructure projects under construction that fully leverage advances in automation and geotechnical engineering. 

Today, consulting engineers and their firms play a crucial role in ensuring the progress, speed, and safety of civil underground projects around the world. The nature of these projects and their importance to asset owners means many factors need to be taken in account by engineers, including stability, collapse, fall-out, bottom growth, lining pervasion, convergence, groundwater inflow, sand breakthrough and sinking. 

Our IBECO® range  of high quality sodium activated bentonite is designed to meet the requirements of civil engineering applications, especially for underground works where groundwater pressure is high. It is ideally suited for diaphragm and cut-off walls, slurry shield tunnelling and vertical drilling. The IBECO range also contributes to the success of applications like landfill areas, horizontal directional drilling (HDD) or lubrication during pipe jacking.