Industrial coatings

Imerys minerals provide solutions to boost corrosion resistance and enhance mechanical performance at excellent surface finish. Our minerals are excellent solutions for reducing coating VOC content to meet the most stringent environmental regulations.
Industrial coatings

Boost the performance of your coatings 

Industrial paints and coatings need to offer corrosion resistance and an excellent finish without reducing mechanical performance. On top of this, they often need to conform to stringent environmental regulations or limits on their VOC content. 

Imerys understands all these challenges and works to create products that improve the quality and durability of your coatings – without raising costs or environmental impact. 

Our additives are formulated from natural minerals like wollastonite, perlite, mica, talc*, leucophyllite, diatomaceous earth, calcium carbonate and kaolin. When added to the mix, they impart a range of finely tuned qualities such as increased anti-corrosion properties, gloss control, better rheology, added brightness, abrasion resistance and lightweighting. 

The right blends can also deliver cost savings by optimizing the effect of expensive raw materials such as titanium dioxide, or reducing your reliance on harmful VOCs. 

Whether you’re making coil coatings, marine protective coatings, metal coatings, wood protection or coatings for the automotive industry, you will find products specifically developed to solve your challenges. We can also create bespoke formulations that give you specific combinations of high-performance results. 

Talk to our coatings experts about how these minerals and others could work for you. 

*Talc products are not available in the USA and Canada. Contact us for an alternative range.