Imerys offers a unique portfolio of high performance kaolins, ground calcium carbonates (GCC), precipitated calcium carbonates (PCC), and talcs to improve the properties of flexographic, offset and rotogravure inks.

High-performance extenders for inks

If you’re working with flexographic, offset or rotogravure inks, our mineral solutions can improve their performance and properties, even while cutting costs. 

Used in flexographic printing inks, our calcium carbonates, kaolins and talc products* can be used to increase dry hiding on porous substrates, maintain whiteness and opacity, improve color performance and improve ink transfer to ensure you get a clean print. They are also effective extenders for titanium oxide, allowing you to cut costs on raw materials. 

In offset printing inks, the right formulation of high performance kaolins and treated calcium carbonates will improve lithotronic behavior, provide good water uptake without washout or bleeding, and provide good pigment efficiency and ink mileage. They can also be used to maintain color strength, reduce ink penetration into paper fibers, improve hold-out and reduce strike-through. Use them at high addition levels to start cutting your costs. 

Finally, for rotogravure printing inks, our calcium carbonates, kaolins and talc products can be used to increase dry hiding on porous substrates while maintaining whiteness and opacity. They are also effective TiO2 extenders and improve color performance and ink transfer. 

All our products are produced from naturally occurring minerals so they are safe to use and approved for indirect use in food packaging. Talk to our teams about the right product line for you. 

*Talc products are not available in the USA and Canada. Contact us for an alternative range.