Anti-cracking, pinholes

Superior anti-cracking performance in interior and exterior decorative paints and industrial coatings.

The best defence against cracking and pinholes    

Minerals with a high aspect ratio and large particle size improve the anti-cracking properties of a wide variety of decorative paints and industrial coatings. Highly lamellar minerals, such as kaolin, leucophyllite, mica, platy talc* and diatomaceous earth can all help to reduce mud cracking by preventing crack propagation within the film, while improving coating appearance and scrub resistance durability.

For low-VOC paints, marine and protective coatings, metal topcoats and primers, and powder coatings, try adding our Plastorit range, or for industrial coatings, sealant primers and decorative paints, use mica grades to improve mud crack resistance. 

Our Nyadwollastonite grades reduce cracking and checking performance, low-VOC industrial coatings, while platy talc-chlorites such as our Steopac and Steabright grades demonstrate superior cracking resistance in alkyd emulsions and acrylic paint formulations.

Extremely white Celite is a good choice for preventing mud cracking and pinholes in water-based and solvent-based decorative and masonry paints, and those making exterior wall plasters should try Extra M100 and PlastGard. 

Muscovite mica grades are ideal for reinforcing the paint film and preventing mud cracking in mastic roof coatings, stucco and in low-VOC high Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) paints. In powder coatings, mica products improve the impact and chip resistance performances.

OpTiMat® 2550 are effective in that as little as 3% by weight in a matt paint formulation can give 85o sheen below 1.0%. Low loaded coatings using the fine particle size of OpTiMat® have a smooth surface texture. Mineral hardness contributes to excellent burnish and scratch resistance. Additional benefits can be seen in high paint whiteness and increased mudcrack resistance.

Hydrite® SB60 is an ultrafine stain resistance additive that benefits paint formulators when adding to the grind phase at levels >3wt% replacing an equivalent volume of bulk filler.

Hydrite® SB100 is a medium particle size stain resistance additive specifically designed to provide optimum barrier performance in solvent and water based coating applications.

Kaopaque® 10 is a hyper-platy hydrous kaolin designed to provide good enamel holdout and washability in solvent and water based coatings applications.

To discuss our complete range and what they can bring to your products, get in touch with our experienced paints and coatings team, today. 

*Talc products are not available in the USA and Canada. Contact us for an alternative range.