Hexafil is cost-effective ultra-fine kaolin that gives superior mechanical properties and processability to a range of rubber applications.
Rubber shoe sole

Enhanced mechanical properties for EPDM, SBR and silicone

Our Hexafil range is an ultrafine, ball clay or hard kaolin. Its finer particle size means the Hexafil range provides excellent compression set and abrasion resistance, making it a prized additive for shoe soles and rubber floor mats, among many other applications.

Our Hexafil product range is designed to improve the mechanical properties of EPDM, SBR and silicone used in a broad array of end applications. It is a suitable cost-effective solution where colour is not of prime importance.

Used in rubber compounds, Hexafil hard kaolin improves:

  • Modulus
  • Tensile strength
  • Tear resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Green strength
  • Processability
  • Cured stiffness

The Hexafil range is recommended for:

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