ImerCare® Opaque

ImerCare Opaque opacifier is our natural solution for a rich, creamy texture in gels and shampoos.

Luxurious, wholesome textures for gels and shampoos  

ImerCare Opaque is an eco-friendly solution opacifier that imparts opacity and whiteness to gel and shampoo formulations. Most current opacifying solutions used in cosmetics are based on synthetic ingredients such as styrene or acrylate copolymers that pose a potential threat to the environment and can be difficult to formulate.

ImerCare Opaque is a 100% natural kaolin-based opacifier that can be used to replace synthetic cosmetic opacifiers. ImerCare Opaque owes its unique properties to its particle shape.

ImerCare® Opaque innovative particle shape
ImerCare® Opaque has an innovative particle shape

Compared to conventional kaolins, ImerCare Opaque has an innovative particle shape that confers whiteness and a rich, creamy effect to gels and shampoos, giving them a luxurious, wholesome quality.

  • Neither pH nor ionic-surfactant sensitive 
  • Cold processable
  • A one-size-fits-all solution for a wide range of gels and shampoos 
  • Compliant with industry microbiological standards without the need for irradiation

ImerCare Opaque can be used in all cosmetic formulations requiring opacity. The recommended loading level is 0.5 to 1 wt% to obtain equivalent opacity performance as oil-derived chemicals.

An image of 0.7% ImerCare® Opaque in a clear gel formulation
0.7% ImerCare® Opaque in a clear gel formulation


Key benefits

High opacity and whiteness
Natural, eco-friendly
One-size-fits-all solution

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