Our ImerCare® line offers cosmetics producers a range of desirable benefits for powders and make-up, created from 100% natural minerals.

Advanced optical properties, compressibility and softness in cosmetics  

Our ImerCare range provides 100% natural minerals for compressibility and optical properties in make-up and color cosmetics. ImerCare minerals meet the softness, compressibility and optical property requirements of your make-up and color cosmetics.

ImerCare minerals form the ideal base for powder-based make-up such as face powder compacts, eye-shadows and blushes. 

  • ImerCare® 6M is a natural mica product, sustainably sourced from our French deposit in Brittany, which confers superior cohesiveness and a transparent and luminous effect to pressed powders. It’s specifically engineered for use in face powders, eye shadows and blushers and it’s suitable for all skin color products.
  • ImerCare® VitalSkin range is our natural antipollution agent for make-up powders based on diatomaceous earth that protects against pollutants. It has a unique microporous structure and, when integrated into make-up powders, this new patented technology has an absorption mechanism that shields the skin from pollution particles.
  • Premium talcs*, ImerCare® Dolce and ImerCare® Velluto, have been engineered using patented technology to obtain a satin finish and soft touch in face powders. They improve the compressibility and cohesion of pressed powders and provide excellent spreadability and homogeneity. 
  • ImerCare Dolce is ideal for an unctuous, velvety touch in pressed powders. 
  • ImerCare Velluto is recommended for superior coverage.
  • ImerCare® 11T and ImerCare 4T cosmetic talcs provide silkiness and softness, as well as good compressibility.
  • ImerCare® Matte naturally white kaolin is a solution that provides a superior mattifying effect in pressed powders. ImerCare Matte kaolin absorbs sebum and confers an immediate, natural matte effect to the skin. It also provides durability to the powder to avoid kick up in the pan and improve baking performance.
  • ImerCare® 04K / 06KS kaolin is ideal for improving coverage, homogeneity and adhesion of the pressed powder formulation on the skin. In liquid formulations it can improve oil breakthrough performance
  • ImerCare® 02KS can be used to deliver better pay-off of pigment color while reducing the titanium dioxide consumption in color cosmetics.

We also offer a complete range of natural mineral solutions for liquid foundations, concealers and BB creams. ImerCare Matte kaolin is a naturally white kaolin solution that provides a superior mattifying effect in liquid foundations. Due to its unique morphology, ImerCare Matte kaolin absorbs sebum and confers an immediate natural matte effect to the skin.

ImerCare 04K / 06KS kaolin improves homogeneity during spreading, imparts good coverage and brings consistency to the formulation. 

In lipsticks: 

  • ImerCare 06KS kaolin (for the Americas market) provide enhanced adhesion and oil retention
  • ImerCare 400D diatomaceous earth provides an excellent matting effect

With cream-to-powder formulations, ImerCare® 400D diatomaceous earth can be added to tailor the cream to powder dry time and deliver a higher powder feel to the end formulation.

In nail polish:

ImerCare 20P, perlite, provides

  • Good mattifying effect on nails
  • An alternative to synthetic silica

Our ImerCare minerals are also ideal for mascaras, nail varnishes, and eye contour sticks and pencils. 

All our cosmetic products are natural, high quality, chemically inert and offer good skin tolerance. They are not treated with chemicals during processing. These attributes enable them to be used in cosmetic products that comply with cosmetic directive regulation (EC) n° 1223/2009.

All our ImerCare mineral grades for make-up applications are Cosmos and Ecocert approved**. Certificates of origin and additional documentation are available upon request.

* Talc products are not available in the USA and Canada. Contact us for an alternative range. 

** Excepting ImerCare 02K-S