ImerCare® P-Scrub

Our ImerCare P-Scrub range is our environmentally friendly solution for scrubs and anti-dandruff shampoos.

A greener solution for scrubs and anti-dandruff shampoos    

  • Gentle exfoliation in face and body scrubs
  • Eco-friendly alternative to polymer beads
  • Improved stability and processing alternative to jojoba beads
  • Non-Allergan alternative to nut based exfoliants
  • Boosts anti-dandruff shampoo performance

Our innovative ImerCare P-Scrub range is an engineered perlite portfolio derived from volcanic rock, designed as an environmentally friendly alternative to the polymer microbeads used in face and body scrubs. 

The ImerCare P-Scrub range is available in a range of particle sizes to provide just the right exfoliation effect in face, body and foot scrubs, plus anti-dandruff shampoos.

Our proprietary technologies rigorously control the particle size distribution and shape of perlite. This, combined with the natural hardness of the mineral, provides unparalleled benefits to formulators looking for eco-friendly exfoliation solutions with a soft touch feel.

Product range-The rounded shaped of ImerCare® 190 P-Scrub confers a gentle exfoliation effect in face scrubs
The rounded shaped of ImerCare® 190 P-Scrub confers a gentle exfoliation effect in face scrubs

In body and face scrubs, shower gels and soaps, used in formulations at 3-5%, our ImerCare P-Scrub range provides gentle exfoliation, removing dead skin cells and stimulating cell renewal, resulting in smooth, healthy skin. It also imparts a creamier lather, delivering luminous, glowing skin.

When used as a replacement for polymer plastic beads, they are not only more eco-friendly, but also offer a 50% weight reduction with similar exfoliation properties. A full life cycle analysis of the ImerCare P-Scrub range shows that the range contributes to reducing the footprint of the final formulated product compared to polyethene-based formulation, discharging no plastics into water sewage systems when rinsing. They also have a reduced impact on climate change due to their lower environmental profile from manufacturing, using 80% less non-renewable energy, and delivering 60% less impact on climate change. 

Product range-Scrub performance – ImerCare® P-Scrub vs. PE beads
In tests, a shower gel containing ImerCare®400P-Scrub demonstrated better exfoliation efficiency than the one containing PE beads formulated at constant weight 3%

Available grades range from 120 to 800 microns, depending on your end use – try ImerCare® 270 P-Scrub and 190P-Scrub for face scrubs; our ImerCare® 400P-Scrub and ImerCare 700P-Scrub ranges for body scrubs and shower gels; ImerCare® 800P-Scrub for exfoliating bar soaps, anti-cellulite peeling gels and foot scrubs. 

The ImerCare® 90P-Scrub range has been specifically developed for dandruff control in anti-dandruff shampoos. Its crushed beads provide excellent exfoliation and foam boosting removing dandruff and leaving the scalp cleaner and more comfortable. It also boosts foam formation and gives a creamy texture.

Product range-Perlite crushed beads
Perlite crushed beads

The technology used to create our ImerCare P-Scrub range has been patented by Imerys and results from a seven-month assessment programme with clinical and in-vitro tests (further details of the study are available on request).

All our cosmetic products are natural, highly pure, chemically inert and offer good skin tolerance. They are not treated with chemicals during processing. These attributes enable them to be used in cosmetic products that comply with cosmetic directive regulation (EC) n°1223/2009.

Our ImerCare P-Scrub grades are Cosmos approved (with the exception of ImerCare® 120P-Scrub and ImerCare 800P-Scrub). Certificates of origin and additional documentation are available upon request.

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Pioneer sustainability rating

Imercare P-Scrub grades are highly effective gentle scrub ingredients which are sustainable alternatives to plastic microbeads. These products are strongly aligned with market and regulatory trends for plastics-free solutions, and ensure that no plastics are discharged into water sewage systems, thereby also reducing production impact on climate change. As such, ImerCare P-Scrub 190P, 270P, 400P and 700P grades are certified Imerys Pioneer products, meaning they represent the highest social and environmental contribution to the downstream value chain, while demonstrating a low environmental impact in their production phase, compared to their economic value. Pioneer is our highest sustainability rating denoting products and services with an outstanding sustainability performance compared to the reference on the market.


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