Luzenac Pharma

Our high-quality talcs act as glidants and lubricants for compressed tablets and coated products, and can also be used as carriers for medicated topical powders.
Luzenac Pharma

Talc glidants and lubricants for pharma tablet coatings 

Our Luzenac Pharma talcs* are suitable glidants and lubricants for compressed tablets and coated products, and can also be used as carriers for medicated topical powders.

Sourced from Imerys’ proprietary mines in Europe dedicated to Food and Pharmaceutical products and processed at our facilities according to Good Manufacturing Practices, the Luzenac Pharma range exceeds industry standards in terms of purity.

Luzenac Pharma

Luzenac Pharma is a standard grind decontaminated talc that’s recommended as a glidant and lubricant in pharmaceutical applications.

Luzenac Pharma M

Luzenac Pharma M is a micronised decontaminated talc. Due to its fine particle size, it is recommended as a coating additive to improve the quality of pharmaceutical-coated tablets. 

Comparison table
Comparison table


Luzenac Pharma talcs:

  • Comply with EU Pharmacopeia 
  • Comply with Japanese Pharmacopeia
  • Are manufactured, processed and packaged in compliance with Joint IPEC and cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) at ISO-certified facilities (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2008, ISO 2200:2005)
  • Have kosher certification
  • Are eligible for halal and vegan certification
  • EINECS no. 238-877-9
  • CAS no. 14807-96-6

IPEC member

As an IPEC member, we guarantee the safety, quality and consistency of our pharmaceutical grades, which are all derived from controlled, proprietary sources that are available for audit.

The Pharmaceuticals Regulatory Package and kosher certificate are available from our download center.

*Talc products are not available in the USA and Canada. Contact us for an alternative range.

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