Nyglos® for paints & coatings

Cut costs and improve performance and durability with our ultrafine, high aspect ratio wollastonite.
Paints and coatings

A high aspect ratio pigment extender

Minerals can add strength, durability and other performance improvements to your paints and coatings. Nyglos is an ultrafine, high aspect ratio wollastonite. When added as a pigment extender, it cuts your costs while improving weatherability, gloss and stability in the formulation, among other benefits.

Wollastonite is a naturally occurring, non-metallic mineral with an acicular (needle-like) structure that gives paint and coatings improved physical properties and durability. It’s a cost-effective extender for traditional inhibitive pigments and, even in non-inhibitive systems, it gives you improved performance by offering barrier properties, erosion resistance and better flexibility.

Because of its high melting point, wollastonite is used in high temperature coatings for thermal stability and high pH to allow it to act as a pH buffer for in-can paint stability.

Nyglos wollastonite improves film reinforcement and mechanical properties; performs synergistically with corrosion inhibitors; improves corrosion, blister and erosion resistance; lowers your ratio of volatile organic compounds and your raw material costs. It’s a key ingredient in the replacement of asbestos as it’s natural and safe. It enhances toughness for better scrub and scratch resistance, is an effective pH buffer and is thermally stable for high-temperature coatings.

We recommend Nyglos for all these benefits in applications like industrial and marine paints and coatings, wind turbine coatings and powder coatings for industries such as aerospace, automotive, architectural and roofing. 

It also functions well in block fillers and textured coatings, sound dampening coatings, heat resistant treatments, traffic paints and wood stains.

Key benefits

Cost effective extender pigment
Reduces gloss
Effective pH buffer
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