OpTiMax® 0425

Alumina silicate is another solution for improving optical performance and tint strength in your paints and coatings – try our OpTiMax® 0425 formulation.
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Increase the effectiveness of your TiO2

Engineered alumina silicate can improve optical performance in your paints & coatings when used as an opacifying extender for titanium dioxide. This will reduce your costs, while imparting benefits such as improved dry hiding, better touch-up performance and enhanced scrub resistance.

OpTiMax 0425 is an engineered alumina silicate designed for paints and coatings with mid-to-high pigment volume concentration, and it’s ideal for interior and exterior architectural coating applications.

OpTiMax 0425 gives high brightness and improved optical and mechanical performance, while improving the effectiveness of titanium dioxide in several ways. This means you can reduce your load of TiO2 – cutting overall costs.

OpTiMax 0425 is recommended for water and solvent-borne and coating applications.

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