UK clays

Our cost-effective hyper-platy clays from UK offer excellent printability, opacity and high loading when used in filling applications.

UK clays

Hyper-platy clays for controlled printability and optics

Our UK clays are premium hyper-platy clays mined and processed in Cornwall in South West England. Our UK clays present a large plate diameter and thin crystal dimension that can deliver unique value to a variety of paper and board grades.

Functional fillers

Our UK kaolin filler options are suitable for a wide range of papers, including newsprint, supercalendered, uncoated mechanical papers and SC magazine papers.

Our general purpose Intrafill™ grades confer a combination of brightness and particle size providing good optical and print properties and good retention characteristics. Benefits include reduced sheet porosity and improved printability while maintaining satisfactory optical performance. 

Intramax™ filler kaolins are designed to achieve maximum optical performance in SC magazine papers produced under acid pH conditions.


In LWC gravure papers, ultra-platy kaolins such as our Suprasmooth™ grades provide improved coating coverage delivering better smoothness and gloss and allowing papermakers to cover rougher base stock with less calendering. In the pre-coat, papermakers can use large kaolin plates combined with blocky pigments to create a structured coating that improves optical and physical coverage.

Suprasmooth helps optimise costs. By producing a rougher, bulkier base paper, paper and board producers can increase machine speeds and improve fibre yield. 

Using Suprasmooth kaolins in coating formulas also reduces the need for expensive opacifiers and binders.

Our UK kaolin ranges

  • Suprasmooth – coating grades
  • Intramax – filler grades
  • Intrafill – filler grades
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