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Our Commitments

At Imerys, we take our commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) seriously, not just because it is the right thing to do, but because it is central to our business growth and transformation. It also helps us contribute to sustainable development in the places where we work.

We respect the world in which we operate, recognise that we have a role to play in society, obligations to the countries and communities in which we do business and a duty to act as responsible environmental stewards.

Our commitment to be a responsible corporate citizen underpins our relationships with our customers, employees, suppliers, governments and shareholders. Our CSR program is overseen by a steering committee chaired by the Group CEO, highlighting how important it is to Imerys.

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Our CSR program, launched in 2018 under the name SustainAgility, is structured around three key areas:

  • We empower our people by making sure our employees and contractors stay healthy and safe, nurturing their talent, promoting diversity and inclusion, fostering social dialogue and safeguarding human rights.

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  • We care for our planet by protecting the environment, promoting resource efficiency, preserving biodiversity, and acting on climate change.

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  • We build for the future by behaving ethically, operating fairly, ensuring a responsible supply chain, engaging with communities and promoting innovative sustainable products and technologies.

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SustainAgility builds on our existing systems and initiatives and will help us to go beyond compliance towards a program fully aligned with the United Nations' Global Compact and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We have a clear ambition – to put sustainable development at the heart of our overall strategy and mobilize employees at every level to achieve our CSR targets. One way we do this is through our annual SD challenge.

Imerys employees are encouraged to submit projects in one of specific CSR themes, which are selected to focus efforts where we can generate the greatest possible local impacts. The SD challenge fosters innovation, encourages collaboration across the Group, builds partnerships with external stakeholders and makes key, concrete contributions to our CSR objectives in line with the SDGs.

Since 2014, our commitment to CSR is being recognized by the independent business sustainability ratings provider, EcoVadis.

We know that there is still a lot to do, but SustainAgility’s approach of continuous improvement will help us to reduce the risks within our operations, unlock new opportunities and build capacity that will lead to long-term value creation.

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