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Imerys has been present in Korea for almost three decades. Today, our sales and support teams, based in Seoul, serve the Korean market leveraging our extensive portfolio of premium mineral solutions derived from diatomaceous earth, calcium carbonate, expanded perlite, synthetic silica, talc, mica, wollastonite, carbon black, graphite, fused alumina, calcined alumina, fused silica, chemical zirconia and zirconium chemicals.
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Imerys Minerals Korea Co. Ltd began life in 1995 as ‘World Minerals’, the world’s leading supplier of engineered diatomaceous earth (DE) and perlite filtration aids. The company came under the Imerys umbrella when Imerys acquired World Minerals’ global assets in 2005. 

Today, our sales teams in Seoul continue to serve the Korean market with our benchmark, consistent-quality filtration grades for use in beer, soy, traditional liquor, sweeteners, edible oil, biofuel, pharmaceuticals and lubricants, among others. 

Our filtration grades include:

  • Dried, calcined and flux-calcined diatomaceous earth solutions, marketed under our world-renowned Celite®, Filter-Cel®, Kenite®, Harborlite®, Europerl® and AsiaPerl® brands. 
  • Specialist filtration aids based on cellulose fiber, expanded perlite and synthetic silicate, including our well-known Fibra-Cel® and Micro-Cel® brand names. 
  • High purity filtration / clarification media, featuring our Celpure® for blood plasma fractionation brands.

Multi-functional mineral solutions for paints, plastics, rubber and more

Our Seoul sales teams additionally supply a wide portfolio of multi-functional fillers and end solutions based on diatomaceous earth, talc, mica, kaolin, ground calcium carbonate, precipitated calcium carbonate and wollastonite, which have been specifically developed to improve product properties and processing parameters in paint, plastics, rubber, film production, agriculture, cosmetics, pesticides, horticultural soils, construction insulation, detergents, polishes and many others.

Flagship brands include:

  • Celite® and Celtix® for paints and coatings
  • Super Floss® and Celite® DE for plastics and rubber, featuring our successful grades for film antiblocking
  • Jetfine® and HAR® talcs for automotive plastic lightweighting and rubber compounding, amongst others
  • Nyad® and Nyglos® wollastonites for paints, plastic and rubber applications
  • Polestar® kaolins for paints, plastics and rubber

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Graphite and carbon black to support the energy transition

Imerys’ Graphite & Carbon sales teams offer a wide selection of high purity conductive additives, featuring a range of products to meet the needs of the booming lithium-ion battery market for electric vehicles. 

They also supply a broad array of carbon blacks and synthetic and natural graphites for use in alkaline and lead acid batteries, fuel cells, plastics, rubber, carbon brush, brake pads and powder metallurgy and many other business fields.

Our graphite and carbon black ranges include our world-renowned brand names: 

  • C-NERGY™: extremely high purity graphites and conductive carbon black powders for use as conductive additives in lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells
  • C-SPERSE™: high-performance graphite and carbon black products developed especially for the lithium-ion battery industry and fuel cell applications
  • Timrex C-Therm®: for superior thermal conductivity in plastic polymers – ideal for lightweighting and miniaturization
  • Ensaco®: high purity carbon blacks for fuels cells as well as conductive and antistatic plastics and rubber compounds
  • Timrex®: natural, synthetic and high aspect ratio graphite materials and water-based graphite dispersions for alkaline and lead-acid batteries

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World-class engineered materials for advanced ceramics, refractories and abrasives 

Imerys is able to supply high-quality engineered materials, as raw powders, ready-to-press or thermal spray powders and finished kiln furniture for advanced ceramics, based on zirconia, alumina, silica - and a range of other minerals - to serve industry, mobility, energy and electronics markets in Korea.

We offer a wide range of specialty binders, andalusites, calcined aluminosilicates and fused alumina and zirconia, which are benchmarks worldwide for refractory applications for the iron and steel, aluminum, glass, cement and power industries.

We can also provide specialty fused alumina products for abrasives which are prized by bonded and coated abrasive manufacturers as well as in specialized sand blasting operations throughout the country. 

Highly trusted brands include:

  • Alodur® fused aluminum oxide range for advanced ceramics, refractories and abrasives
  • Secar® calcium aluminate binders for high-temperature monolithic refractory applications
  • Teco-Sil® electrically fused high purity silica for advanced ceramics and refractories
  • Teco-Sphere® spherical silica designed for use in interface materials such as encapsulating resins
  • Zionic® stabilized and monoclinic zirconia powders for use in structural and functional advanced ceramics and refractories

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