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Imerys in Brazil

Imerys has been operating in Brazil since 1996. Present in three states (Pará, São Paulo and Espírito Santo) with more than 2,000 employees, Imerys extracts or transforms the minerals calcium carbonate, kaolin and perlite.

With seven plants and a mine in operation in Brazil, Imerys consolidates itself as the largest producer in Brazil and one of the largest in South America in calcium carbonate, with a broad portfolio among carbonates natural (GCC) and precipitated (PCC), we serve the most varied applications and bring excellence in services to our customers in the segments of paper, paints, plastics, polymers, food, pharma, among others.

In the state of Pará, Imerys has the largest kaolin processing plant in the world, in addition to mines and a private port. After processing, the kaolin is shipped internationally for use in a wide variety of markets including paper, inks, ceramics and more. It also acts together as communities, being a reference pole for social projects aimed at encouraging basic education, digital inclusion, income generation and sustainable entrepreneurship.

Imerys Brasil - Pará
Pará, São Paulo & Espírito Santo
in 3 regions
+ 2000
on Brazilian operation sites
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reached by our Brazilian operations

Our Brazil operations

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      Aerial image of one of the kaolin extraction mines in Ipixuna do Pará
      Imerys facilities in Barcarena
      Calcium Carbonate Mine at Cachoeiro

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