Imerys in Denmark

We operate two deposits and mineral processing facilities on the islands of Fur and Mors off the northwestern coast of Jutland. Acquired in early 2017, following Imerys' purchase of Danish company Damolin, the deposits yield a rare form of clay known as "moler."
Imerys plant at the island of Fur, Denmark

Fur and Mors are the only locations on the planet to yield "true moler" which is a unique type of non-clumping clay formed some 54 million years ago. The ore has been mined on these islands since the mid-1940s.

Moler typically comprises two-thirds diatomaceous earth and one-third smectite clay. Due to the unique porous morphology of the diatoms and the swelling capabilities of clay, moler is an excellent material for absorbing liquids and for odor retention, making it a valuable ingredient for a variety of end products and industries.

In addition to producing moler and calcined moler, we process other minerals at our Imerys facilities in Denmark, including bentonite, perlite, attapulgite and montmorillonite, which are sourced from our operations elsewhere in the world.

Harnessing these premium natural resources, our Danish operations develop and market a comprehensive line of finished products such as absorbents for cleaning up chemical and oil spills and a broad range of cat litter grades. We also supply beneficiated and engineered mineral solutions for use in water filtration and defluorination, emissions control, animal feed, agriculture, soil conditioning, horticulture and cement, among others.

Plant at the island of Mors, Denmark
Plant at the island of Mors, Denmark

Animal welfare

Used in animal feed and premixes, our Diamol® moler grade is an effective anti-caking agent, vitamin carrier and digestion aid. Our highly absorbent Animol® moler is an excellent solution for improving animal bedding, reducing effluents and contributing to increasing the welfare of livestock.

Cat litter

Our Danish operations produce one of the widest and most comprehensive portfolios of cat litter products for private labels, based on bentonite, moler, zeolite, silica gel, vegetable fibre, wood pellets and flakes. We lead the market with Imerys proprietary brands such Amigo™, Avancat® and Bento™.


Imerys Terramol® moler solutions optimize plant growth conditions in hydro-culture, compost and earth mixtures. They are first-rate soil additives for green roof and golf-course soil toppings.

Three pictures in a row of cows, kitten and plants.
Imerys Denmark operations produce solutions for animal welfare, cat litter and horticulture industries

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