Corrosion resistance

Improve anti-corrosion properties in high-performance marine coatings, heavy industrial maintenance coatings and industrial metal-to-metal paints.

Minerals for superior barrier properties preventing corrosion 

If you are producing high-performance coatings for applications that need long-lasting corrosion resistance, we offer a range of mineral-based solutions that can significantly boost barrier properties. 

Wollastonite grades, such as our Nyad and Wollastocoat ranges, boost the performance of corrosion inhibitors, especially surface-treated grades, enabling the inhibitive pigment to be more effective for overall corrosion protection than when the pigment is used by itself. The needle-like particle shape of wollastonite also reduces internal stress in paints and reinforces the mechanical properties of the paint film. 

This makes them ideally suited for applications like marine and protective coatings, industrial coatings, coatings for wind turbines, and heat-resistant coatings for the aerospace or automotive industry. 

Where available, talc products* limit the penetration and migration of water and corrosive agents into paint film, reducing corrosion, caulking, peeling and blistering. Chemically inert and naturally lamellar, talc also promotes adhesion, increasing paint durability.

Leucophyllite (a natural blend of mica, chlorite and quartz) provides excellent anti-corrosion performance in both waterborne and solvent-based paints and powder coatings. It’s ideal for corrosion resistance in low-VOC paints and epoxy-based coatings such as marine paints.

Hydrite® SB 60 and Hydrite® SB 100 are a part of our hyper-platy hydrous kaolin product range to help reinforce the paint film and provide an excellent barrier and stain resistance performance. These grades are highly recommended for waterborne and stain blocking wood primer applications.

Talk to our teams about which mineral is right for your business.

*Talc products are not available in the USA and Canada. Contact us for an alternative range.