ImerCare® Talc range

Our ImerCare® talcs are ideal for achieving superior optical properties in make-up applications, and softness in body powders, creams and soaps.

Natural softness for your powders, make-up and creams

Talc is a very platy, hydrous magnesium silicate. It’s chemically inert, hydrophobic and organophilic. Talc is also the softest mineral on Earth.

Our ImerCare Talc range can be used to give cosmetics multiple properties.

  • For superior to full coverage, cohesion and homogeneity in powder foundations and concealers

  • For softness and good cohesion in pressed and loose powders
  • For a creamy, smooth feel and pleasant powdery texture in face creams

  • For softness and anti-chafing in body powders 
  • For good cohesion in pressed and loose powders 
  • For good spreadability in liquid foundations
  • For a cool, dry feel in deodorants

  • For a creamy lather, improved shelf life and soft silky feel in bar soaps

  • ImerCare® Pharma 5T, 10T and 00T talcs for applications requiring compliance with USA and European pharmacopoeia talc monographs
  • Certificates available upon request

All our cosmetic products are natural, highly pure, chemically inert and offer good skin tolerance. They are not treated with chemicals during processing. These attributes enable them to be used in cosmetic products that comply with cosmetic directive regulation (EC) n° 1223/2009.

ImerCare® T talc grades for cosmetics are also Cosmos approved – certificates of origin and additional documentation are available upon request.

Key benefits

Chemically inert
Imparts a range of cosmetics properties

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