Kiln furniture for sanitaryware

A complete range of versatile kiln furniture for sanitaryware manufacturers, including our eco-friendly, reusable ShrinkSan® solution.
Kiln furniture for sanitaryware

High-quality, bespoke and long lasting kiln furniture

We have developed a comprehensive set of high-performance cordierite and silicon carbide kiln furniture solutions for the sanitaryware industry. 

Thanks to our long experience and large production capacity in extrusion, we are able to supply high quality extruded batts, perimeter blocks and tubes. 

We also master the production of silicon carbide, both by extrusion for any type of beams and by casting for ware support. Our unique ability to produce both silicium carbide and cordierite allows us to design tailor made complex and large supports.

Our large team of skilled designers is able to tailor any of these solutions to your specific requirements. Thanks to our understanding of the market needs and our close collaboration with our sanitaryware customers we bring innovative solutions to the market.

Our kiln furniture solutions for sanitaryware guarantee:

Optimized kiln furniture design tailored to your product mix to enable you to achieve high loading rates on your firing line.

Accurate and stable geometry and dimensions to ensure the quality of your sanitaryware pieces.

Cordierite and silicium carbide bend-resistant structures that keep weight to a strict minimum.

Simple, stable, light and dry assemblies that help to reduce overall kiln furniture costs and maintenance shut-downs.

 Our technical offer includes:

  • Kiln cars perimeter blocks
  • Cordierite / Extruded Batts
  • Cordierite / Extruded Props
  • Pressed /Cast caps & shoes
  • SIC beams
  • Cordierite / Cast stools / supports
  • RSIC / NSIC / Lavi setters and batts

Download a technical datasheet or a brochure about all our kiln furniture solutions at our secure download center

Our latest innovation

Our ShrinkSan eco-friendly kiln furniture is a new, patented system capable of managing piece contraction during firing while remaining reusable and therefore sustainable.

Designed to replace single-use plates, ShrinkSan allows sanitaryware producers to reduce the amount of waste they generate significantly, hence to cut their carbon footprint and their costs.


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ShrinkSan - Imerys' New Sustainable Kiln Furniture

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