Kiln furniture for tableware

We produce tailor-made kiln furniture offering a range of benefits to manufacturers of ceramic tableware products.
Kiln furniture for tableware

High-performance kiln furniture for tableware

We’ve developed a comprehensive set of high-performance cordierite, mullite and silicon carbide kiln furniture to match all kinds of tableware, from porcelain to stoneware, earthenware and bone china. 

We are the only manufacturer able to provide both cordierite and silicon carbide products.

Our large team of skilled designers is able to tailor any of these solutions to your specific requirements. Thanks to our understanding of the market needs and our close collaboration with our tableware customers we bring innovative solutions to the market.


Our kiln furniture solutions for tableware guarantee:

Optimized kiln furniture design tailored to your product mix enabling optimum setting density in the kiln and automated handling.

Accurate and stable geometry and dimensions to ensure the quality of your tableware pieces.

With much lighter kiln furniture designs.

Long service life through high thermal stability, thermal shock resistance and chemical inertness.

Our technical offer includes:

  • Batts (silicium carbide or cordierite)
  • T-cranks, plate setters, plate saggars, spider cranks, fish cranks…(silicium carbide or cordierite)
  • Profile setters, biscuit setters (cordierite)

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