NeoGen® 2000

Our best-in-class calcined kaolin, for opacity and titanium dioxide replacement in high PVC formulations.

A natural way to extend your titanium dioxide

If you need to cut costs by replacing titanium dioxide in your mix, our NeoGen 2000 range can lead to significant savings. NeoGen 2000 is a calcined kaolin that can be added to paints and coatings to promote light scattering, increase whiteness and extend your supply of titanium dioxide. 

It’s specifically formulated to provide a highly structured particle morphology and extra-fine particle size. This combination of properties, along with  extremely high brightness and low yellowness, make it the best-in-class calcined kaolin for opacity and TiO2 replacement for high PVC formulations.

Customers have been able to replace up to 20% of their titanium dioxide with NeoGen 2000 while maintaining existing film properties. And it’s a naturally occurring mineral, so NeoGen 2000 is easy to use and won’t increase your environmental impact. It’s ideal for applications with a higher pigment volume concentration.

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