Opacilite gives a unique balance of dry hiding, opacity, matting and scrub resistance, making it the first choice for TiO2 extension in high quality matt and silk paints.
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Better dry hiding with OpaciliteTM

Opacilite is a flash calcined kaolin which provides durability and exceptional opacity both above and below the CPVC, making it the first choice for TiO2 extension in high quality matt and silk paints.

Sealed voids for enhanced opacity

Opacilite is derived from naturally sourced hydrous kaolin and is further processed at high temperature to remove hydroxyl groups and to sinter kaolin particles into an aggregated structure. As opposed to conventional and soak calcined kaolin, Opacilite is produced using a very rapid calcination technique which creates sealed voids within the kaolin particles.

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Opacilite™ voids foster high opacity

Opacilite voids foster high opacity

These voids are completely resistant to penetration by resins, solvents or water in liquid paint, enhancing wet film opacity and significantly contributing to dry hiding. The aggregated structure of Opacilite is optimized for maximum light scattering and the combination of both internal and external voids fosters higher opacity compared to conventional calcined clay. The improvement in paint dry hiding can translate into up to 20% TiO2 savings in paint formulations.

Matting effect

Due to its irregular particle shape, which induces micro-roughness at the film surface, and hence a matting effect, Opacilite significantly reduces gloss. It is ideal for paints below CPVC such as satin finishes and exterior wall paints.

Scrub & UV resistance

Opacilite significantly improves scrub and UV resistance

Mineral extenders usually rely on high binder absorption to give increased dry film opacity (dry hiding), but this higher binder absorption has a detrimental effect of scrub resistance. Opacilite is different because the internal voids, which provide opacity, do not absorb binder. Calcined clay particles are also relatively hard and contribute to the abrasion resistance of the dry film. Opacilite also confers improved UV weathering performance compared to other mineral pigments such as conventional kaolin and calcium carbonates.

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Opacilite™ gives a unique balance of opacity, matting and scrub resistance

For a unique balance of opacity, matting and scrub resistance, and up to 20% savings in TiO2, ask our teams how Opacilite can work for you. 

Key benefits

Outstanding paint film opacity
Effective above and below coating CPVC
For use in high quality matt and silk paints
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