Elastic bonding

Our engineered minerals are solutions of choice for adhesives and sealants that are designed for difficult-to-bond substrates such as metals and plastics. We offer specific solutions to suit each type of chemistry: silicone, polyurethane, polysulfide, hybrid polymer and epoxy systems.
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Elastic bonding solutions for a range of adhesives and sealants    

Our elastic bonding solutions are ideal for difficult to bond materials, such as metals and plastics. We supply calcium carbonates for silicone sealants that can be tailored to targeted extrusion rates or mechanical properties.

  • Our ImerSeal® range – engineered, high-end surface-treated ground calcium carbonates (GCC) combining the right rheology with low moisture content in a highly dispersible product.
  • Our Socal® range – ultrafine coated precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) conferring the right balance of extrusion rate and mechanical properties at high incorporation throughputs.
  • Our Winnofil® range – ultrafine coated precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) providing the right balance of extrusion rate and mechanical properties combined with excellent dispersibility and anti-slump properties.

Our ground calcium carbonate, precipitated calcium carbonate, calcined kaolin and wollastonite are effective solutions for polyurethane-based sealants and adhesives.

We recommend the following ranges:

  • The ImerSeal range is a GCC with optimized level of coating, including low-moisture content grades to decrease moisture scavenger content
  • ImerCarb™ and PolCarb™ ranges are cost effective uncoated GCCs
  • The PoleStar™ range is a calcined kaolin that provides the correct ratio between viscosity and reinforcement
  • Our Nyglos® range is an acicular-shaped wollastonite used to improve cohesion properties
  • The Winnofil product range is the best solution to enhance rheological properties

Our engineered ground calcium carbonate and precipitated calcium carbonate solutions for polysulfide adhesives and sealants include:

  • ImerSeal® coated GCC with optimized level of coating, including low particle size grades to boos mechanical properties
  • Polcarb™ cost-effective uncoated GCC
  • Socal® and Winnofil® PCC for good rheological properties combined with anti-slump properties

Our PolCarb™ and ImerCarb™ cost-effective GCC products are specifically recommended for providing correct viscosity and mechanical properties in parquet flooring hybrid polymer adhesives.

Our premium ImerSeal™ surface-coated GCC grades provide low moisture content, viscosity, and adhesion in roofing adhesives used for EPDM and concrete bonding.

Our Socal® and Winnofil®, coated PCC grades provide the right rheology and reinforcement in hybrid elastic load-bearing adhesives.

Low modulus:

  • ImerSeal™ coated grades provide ease of use and improved storage stability
  • ImerSeal™ 50S grades provide the best storage stability on the market.

Medium modulus: 

  • Socal® PCC grades provide low moisture content and excellent storage stability
  • Winnofil® PCC grades boost tensile strength


Our silane-coated and amino silane-coated wollastonites are best-in-class solutions for improving cohesion strength and replacing milled glass fiber in epoxy systems:

  • Aspect® silane-coated wollastonites improve cohesion strength in thermoset seam sealers and structural adhesives and can be used to replace milled sized glass fibers
  • Nyglos® amino silane-coated wollastonite improves cohesion strength in high filled thermoset composites, replacing milled sized glass fiber 

Key benefits

  • Tailored rheology 
  • Low moisture content 
  • Highly dispersible
  • Balanced extrusion rate 
  • Improved mechanical properties 
  • High incorporation throughput
  • Excellent anti-slump properties