Ecoflat™ 1880

A blend of eco-friendly minerals that will improve scrub resistance and optical properties.
Paints and coatings - EcoFlat 1880

Improves the properties for today’s low VOC decorative coatings

Maintaining good scrub resistance can be a challenge for matt wall paints. We’ve produced a blend of minerals that can be added to formulators to solve this issue, as well as improve matting

Ecoflat 1880 is a matting agent that improves the properties of low VOC decorative coatings. It’s made from natural minerals, so it has a low carbon footprint and a low crystalline silica content.

What separates EcoFlat 1880 from other matting agents is its low oil absorption, combined with a high mineral hardness. These properties significantly enhance scrub resistance in high pigment volume concentration decorative paints. 

EcoFlat 1880 also gives excellent color properties with high whiteness and low yellowness, allowing high loading levels. It also boosts burnish and stain resistance, and touch-up properties – all without harming your environmental footprint or increasing volatile organic compounds.

An image of the matting agent Ecoflat™ 1880
Matting agent Ecoflat™ 1880

Key benefits

Excellent color characteristics
Low crystalline silica content
Natural mineral product with low carbon footprint
Effective in high PVC decorative paints
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