NeoGen® MX

A structured calcined kaolin designed to improve optical performance in matte decorative paints.

A perfect partner for matt decoratives

If you’re producing matt decorative paints, using engineered calcined kaolin will improve their optical appearance. NeoGen MX calcined kaolin is specifically designed for matt decorative paints, where it will improve tint strength and touch-up performance, and give high opacity and whiteness. 

It also functions as an extender for titanium dioxide, with 5-10% better TiO2 extension at equivalent gloss/sheen performance in DIY flat paint at 35 to 55 pigment volume concentration.

On top of this cost-saving potential, NeoGen MX calcined kaolin improves scrub resistance and mudcrack resistance. Suitable for both professional and DIY paints formulated in the mid to high Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) range, NeoGen MX calcined kaolin is a simple way to cut costs and produce richer tougher paints.

Key benefits

Improved tint strength
Excellent touch-up performance
For mid to high PVC interior decorative coatings
Good mudcrack resistance
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